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    March 26, 2008

    10,000 BC

    English (U) 06 March 2007
    Distributor: Warner Bros
    Director: Roland Emerich
    Producer: Roland Emerich, Michael Wimer
    Writer: Harald Kloser, Roland Emerich
    Casts: Steven Straits, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis
    Plot: It was a time when men and beast were untamed and the mighty mammoth roamed the earth. A time when ideas and beliefs were born that forever shaped mankind. "10,000 BC" follows a young hunter (Steven Strait) on his quest to lead an army across a vast desert, battling sabre-toothed tigers and prehistoric predators as he unearths a lost civilisation and attempts to rescue the woman he loves (Camilla Belle) from an evil warlord determined to possess her.
    Our Verdict:
    Green Tea says:
    Emerich's worst effort to modernize cavemen - 2.0 stars

    Isaac says:
    Normal only - 2.0 stars

    Owen says:
    2.5 stars
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