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    May 10, 2008


    Dear readers of Green Tea Movie, welcome to this movie blog. Here, Green Tea Movie offers you some juicy movie updates and news, exciting brand new movie trailers and stills, and of course our butter-and-bread business here - movie reviews.


    This blog was first punched online back in February 2008 to serve as blog for my writing opinion on movie reviews. Over the years, this blog has expand more than just movie reviewing, when it also includes movie updates, news and rumours, as well as a preview site for lots of upcoming releases. Now Green-Tea-Movie has an archivement of over 557 659 posts with more than 200 216 movie reviews (as at 23 Mac. 2010). 


    With tonnes of movie reviews, there is a way how we at Green Tea Movie rate the movies. Rating and reviewing a movie is more than just retelling the summary or plot synopsis, but it also involves the process of judging them through the aspect of entertainment value and enjoyable plot. We also look at the technical aspect of story, casts and cinematography.

    On Green Tea Movie we use the following rating system to judge our movies. These particulars are carefully looked upon:
    • STORY – screenplay, plot themes, flow and entertainment value
    • CASTS – characterization and character building
    • CINEMATOGRAPHY – camera work, uniqueness and technical aspects
    • EFFECTS – special visual effect and sound effect

    Each of these aspects (above) will be given star rating from 0.5 to 5.0 stars maximum. Average will be given based on total of the stars given based on the table below:
    Green-Tea-O-Meter which we have put into use since 2008, is calculated through a complex yet understandable mathematical equation. The reason is because a bad movie has high rating only because of its good special effects. To put that into fair, the Meter will be calculated based on a formula in which a more critical aspect of story and casts will be weighed more.

    Therefore each aspect will be weighed as such:
    • STORY – 40%
    • CASTS – 30%
    • EFFECTS – 15%
    This is the formula:
    GREEN-TEA-O-METER = (story*0.4+casts*0.3+cinematography*0.15+effects*0.15)*4

    It is complex but you don’t have to remember that. Here are some examples you can look on.


    Bernard Chung
    Chief Editor, Founder

    Reno Ooi


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    Thank you for your time in understanding our rating and reviewing policy. Have fun! Any inquiries can be forwarded to bernardckv@hotmail.com or you can drop me a twitter and Facebook.
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