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    June 19, 2008


    English (U) 05 June 2008
    Distributor: Sony Screen Gems
    Running Time: approx. 88 minutes
    Director: Nelson McCormick
    Producer: Neal H. Moritz
    Writer: J.S. Cardone
    Casts: Brittany Snow, Jessica Stoup, Idris Elba, Jonathon Schaech, Dana Davis
    Plot: Donna's senior prom is supposed to be the best night of her life, one of magic, beauty, and love. Surrounded by her best friends, she should be safe from the horrors of her past. However, when the night turns from magic to murder there is only one man who could be responsible... the man she thought was gone forever. Now, Donna and her friends must escape the sadistic killer, and survive their Prom Night.

    Our Verdict:

    Green Tea says:
    Another remake of 80s horror on loose that makes thing no longer creepy. However, there are less psychopathic and blood-thirst than I previously thought. Only one name I know, yet Brittany is not an ordinary horror screamer - 2.5 stars

    Isaac says:

    Lim says:

    Prisc says:
    Thought it would be scarier - 3.5 stars

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