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    July 19, 2008


    English (U) 10 July 2008
    Distributor: Universal Pictures
    Running Time: approx. 125 minutes
    Director: Guillermo del Toro
    Producer: Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Mike Richardson, Joe Roth
    Writer: Guillermo del Toro, Mike Mignola
    Casts: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, James Dodd, John Alexander
    Plot: In this sequel to "Hellboy" ("Super Sapiens" in Malaysia), an ancient pact existing between humankind and the mythical realm is broken. A ruthless leader treads the world above and the one below defies his bloodline by awakening an unstoppable army of creatures. Joined by members of his team from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development, Hellboy must travel between the surface strata and the magical realm to prevent the resurrection of a mythical "golden army" and save humankind once again.

    Our Verdict:
    Green Tea says:
    *I supposed to write about this movie in a long manner way, but because it's been too long, I decided not to do so. It's been a busy week so I didn't update it though.
    Hellboy 2 is much better than the predecessor, cinematography and effects are good, but yet again a del Toro's trademark of super weird creatures and styles. It gives a boring and hype mood at the same time. Mr Hellboy have shown to me that he is ugly and he is son of devil, yet still fight for the people on earth, how noble, but again he is just an ordinary superhero, nothing much. The story plot is okay but the scenes don't seems to flow well in certain part. Particular missing of some cast from the first series but the actions speak louder than previously installed. Good work but for del Toro's, it is still not the best yet. Watch for the sequel!! - 3.5 stars

    Lim says:

    Prisc says:
    4.5 stars
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