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    October 23, 2008


    English (18PL) 23 October 2008

    Distributor: LionsGate

    Running Time:
    approx. 99 minutes

    Director: The Pang Brothers

    Producer: Norman Golightly, Graham King, William Sherak, Jason Shuman

    Writer: The Pang Brothers, Jason Richman

    Nicholas Cage, Charlie Yeung, Chakrit Yamnam

    Plot: This remake of Danny and Oxide Pang's 1999 movie has Nicholas Cage as a cold-blooded hitman who travels to Thailand to finish four missions. He ends up falling in love with a local woman (Charlie Young) and befriends an errand boy.

    My Verdict:

    Green Tea says:
    Bangkok Dangerous doesn't seems to be dangerous, unfortunately not been up to the kind of expectation that this is going to be a deadly assassin that kick ass; but fortunately not been the worst ever Asian remake done. The remake from Thai movie and from the same directors - this is another typical fall-out attempt to remake an Asian movie.

    There wasn't anything to cheer about Nicholas Cage's performance. He is not the assassin you wish for, merely he was too much carried away by his National Treasure personas. Come'on Nick, you are one of my favourite actor!! Charlie Yeung, the HK beauty doesn't seems to provide much meaning to the story; besides been a mute. The story line at the early pace was very slow, almost making it basically a narrative-commentator show to endure. It lacks the fast-pace, high-intense assassination story which carried away too much of impossible gun fight.

    I don't hate the movie. Just that it is something that you want to pass out for another time! I want more from the guy himself but not quite there yet.

    CAST -2.5 stars
    STORYLINE - 2.5 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 3.0 stars
    EFFECTS - 3.0 stars!!
    an overall >> 2.5 stars
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