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    October 10, 2008


    English (U) 09 October 2008

    Distributor: Sony Pictures

    Running Time:
    approx. 98 minutes

    Director: Fred Wolf

    Producer: Allen Covert, Anna Farris, Adam Sandler

    Writer: Kirsten Smith, Karen McCullah Luiz

     Anna Farris, Emma Stone, Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings, Dana Goodman, Katherine McPhee, Rumer Willis

    Plot: When Playboy bunny Shelley (Anna Faris) is tossed out of the mansion, she has nowhere to go until she falls in with the sorority girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta. The members of the sorority - possibly the seven most socially clueless women on the planet - are about to lose their house. They need a dose of what only the eternally bubbly Shelley can provide - but they will each learn on their own to stop pretending to be what others want them to be and start being themselves.

    My Verdict:

    Green Tea says:

    How far would you go to teach or transform a bunch of seven so-called losers into a sexy, gorgeous, seductive, stylish and popular girls in their campus? Not much if you have a trainer who was an ex-Playboy cover girl, lived in Hugh Hefner mansion. Anna Farris is the familiar face from the Scary Movie series and this time she is in something different, no spoof nor parody. You can see the typical way of Anna Farris as she is in Scary Movies - the nice and sweet girl next door but always does some stupid things and largely clumsy. Starpowers are lacking but it relied very much of Anna herself and maybe the Playboy boss himself. But the surprise was that all the other casts were doing good for this movie with the seven girls gel well and to my surprise, how they made seven gorgeous ladies played well as the seven losers?

    The storyline however was a bit letdown. There wasn't that much you can link from all the chain of events, as if there wasn't that much of connection at all to tie those link. The super many substories were widely spread all over the movie and hardly you can find an event that can be explained and expanded.

    House Bunny is an enjoyable movie but may some extent not suitable for a guy like me to follow. Sadly, there wasn't that much to explore on how to become a gorgeous girl. Talking about transformation, this movie is like Drillbit Taylor, but the Owen Wilson played a more universal based theme, wider than this. Somehow, talking about funny, bitchy and sexy, this movie should be fun to enjoy. Guys might get difficult to really bucked up to this sexy movie.

    CAST -4.0 stars
    STORYLINE - 3.0 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 3.0 stars
    EFFECTS - what effects
    an overall >> 3.0 stars


    1. I went and watch it just recently with one of my galfriend and her presence only amplified the enjoyment of the show.

      I don't think i would even bother writing this now here if i'ed watched it alone.

    2. i thought of watching this show just to destress.


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