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    December 24, 2008

    IP MAN

    Cantonese/Mandarin - (18SG) - 18 December 2008 - Action Biopic
    Distributor: Mandarin Film
    Running Time: approx. 100 minutes
    Director: Wilson Yip
    Producer: Raymond Wong
    Writer: Edmond Wong
    Casts: Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Lam Ka-Tung, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Xing Yu, Fan Siu-Wong
    Plot: Adapted from the life story of Ip Man - the grand master of the Wing Chun style of kung fu and sifu of legendary kung fu superstar Bruce Lee. This movie will be the first important record of the master's life. Ip's persistent devotion to Wing Chun is a classic example of the love and respect shown to wushu and the freedom and spirit it represents. Ip Man is a concept, a spirit, a way of thinking - and it exemplifies a new peak in Hong Kong's wushu movies.

    My Verdict:
    Green Tea says:

    You have to respect the Grandmaster himself. Donnie Yen besides been a star icon for action movies in the Eastern Asia. He always been a good action actor but his movies are always lacking in story and styles. For example, you remember Tiger Dragon Gate (or something like that). It was a good piece of cinematography but lack in maturity of story consensus. Well good news, the latest offering by him is one of the greatest story-making that had redefine the Hong Kong movie.

    The movie is the greatest offering we have since Jet Li's "Fearless". We missed these kind of Hong Kong flick that have a good story-telling and great enjoyable screenplay for so long. Forget about other action flick by Donnie yen previously, this is different. And do not put the condition of Donnie Yen while comparing him with Jet Li or Jackie Chan themselves. In this movie, Donnie Yen stand out and readily distinguished from them. Maybe it was his machoism and the persona he had made him special. The bad deja-vu about Donnie as the Grandmaster himself are all gone. I would said he is very effective in carrying the role with both personality and style are gorgeously displayed.

    The role of simon Yam as Ip Man's best friend, as well as his wife (by ) are having a great supporting role to Donnie's. It was hard to find a good supporting role for this kind of biopic. Attention is frequently been given out to the lead role but in this movie, they have shown the furthest influence their role have on Ip Man's life. I would say the acting has been superb.

    Let's talk about the story screenplay. Having a good start and good end is something crucial. Having a great stor y-telling on the biopic lead role with efficient message and accurately presented are difficult too. Having a balanced script and dialogue are not easy as well. However, "Ip Man" execute it well. This is not an usual kungfu or action flick. "Ip Man" is not a story about winning a pride and personal game, or simply a revenge or avenge. Ip Man tells more than that - family, country and the dark side of a martial art practitioner. The script writing is effective to convey these messages. There are some bright side for the movie - the sunshine in the form of light-hearted and soothing humour - not much but at least bringing in some cheer to the movie.

    If you are expecting more from Donnie Yen, all I can said is he delivered well, with good execution on the story plot and dialogue. No dodgy plot and great sequence of flowability of the story. it wasn't hard to figure out how good this movie it can be. What is more grand than the story of the Wing Chun founder himself. I think it worth watching it twice and strongly should be a great impact to the Hong Kong film industry. Should I added it into the poll on the top right?
    It is certainly the potential biopic movie of the year unless Nixon/Frost can pull out more string from them.

    The Ratings...........
    CAST - 4.5 stars
    STORYLINE - 4.0 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 4.0 stars
    EFFECTS - what effects
    an overall>> 4.0 stars
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