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    February 15, 2009


    ENGLISH - (18PL) - 9 April 2009 - Drama/War
    Distributor: Paramount Vantage
    Running time: about 137 mins.
    Director: Edwark Zwick
    Producers: Edwark Zwick, Pieter Jan Brugge
    Writers: Edwark Zwick, Clayton Frohman
    Casts: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, George MacKay
    Plot: Based on a true story of four Jewish brothers living in Nazi occupied Poland that escape into the forest where they join up with Russian resistance fighters in battling the Nazis. Throughout the war, they built a village inside the forest and saved the lives of more than 1200 other Jews.


    Green Tea says:

    WARNING SPOILER! Holocaust movies have always been in attention during these award season. "The Pianist" made it big back in 2002 when it became one of the best Holocaust movie ever since "The Schindler's List" a decade earlier. "The Pianist" gave a respectable standing ovation for the director . In 2008, we have another Holocaust movie worth for our recognition although much been sidelined in awards this year.

    Defiance refers to the act of resistance by a group of fleeing Jews against the Nazis. This piece tells how a group of survivor resisted the Nazis under the commander of the Tuvia Bielski, a Belarussian Jews that led the Bielskis Otriad. Together with several relatives and friends, the otriad managed to keep the survivors together while building shelters and necessitates in the Eastern European jungle while fighting the Nazis as a defensive measure.

    The choice of Daniel Craig was a good one. He previously had some experience on a Jewish-related movie before when he was in the movie "Munich". In this movie he acted as the defiance leader. His persona again helped him to bring the desired character well. Not forget, a good credit should be given to Liev Schreiber who acted as his brother, Zuv Bielski in the movie. I thought his performance worthy an award nomination. The characterization was developed but it required a long time to gather pieces by pieces. However, the marketing team seems to be very heavily promoting the movie under Daniel Craig's name.

    The story was drafted based on a book about the Bielskis, which of course based on a true story. I personally thought it was penned well to reflect the early life of the Bielskis Otriad throughout its first winter. Surviving the first winter in the wilderness is hard and it was reflected well here. Also, the incorporation of the love, survivor, anti-heroism and emotional themes were balanced well here.

    The credit also goes to its great work of cinematography. With moderate budget, I was impressed by the result of the effects. I would personally recommended you this movie but first make sure you don't have any bias and hatred to the group of people known as the Jews. This is a movie about Jewish, Nazis and Holocaust but it doesn't limited there only. Its about humanity.

    THE RATINGS.....
    CAST - 3.5 stars
    STORY - 4.5 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 4.0 stars
    EFFECTS - 3.5 stars

    an overall >> 3.5 stars

    GreenTea-O-Meter: 15.9

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    1. wow... superb review! another Holocaust movie!!yay


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