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    February 4, 2009

    February Green Tea Movie's StarZoom

    Dear Green Tea Movie!! readers,
    As I promised weeks back, this month February Star of the Month

    For February 2009, celebrating the upcoming release of The Uninvited, an American remake of the Korean horror The Tale of Two Sisters, GreenTeaMovie!! is proud to bring you an upclose of one of the brightest and talented actress in our generation.

    You probably recognize her as the brilliant Violet Baudaleire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. For the role she won 2005 Australian's AFI International Awards for Best Actress.

    This shining young actress was born in Melbourne on 7 December 1988, the year of Dragon, and become very imminent since she has acted in several films in the past. Besides Lemony Snicket that catapulted her into the stardom, she also featured in movies like Ghost Ship (2002), Darkness Falls (2003) and the latest The Uninvited.

    Been wanting to become a fashion designer, she got her acting career kickstarted when she was spotted in a school play at a very young age.

    She credited her good American accent just from watching Sesame Street as a child. Real life Violet?

    She also got featured in Evermore's music video of "Light Surrounding You"

    So, any ideas who she is?

    Here for her Facebook or possibly some fan club site

    For her latest photos formthe latest movie The Uninvited...

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