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    April 21, 2009

    NEW MOVIES THIS WEEK - 23/04/09

    It's only a week to go before Mr Sexiest Man of the year will be back in his Wolverine style. However, the day of 29 April will come but not now. Before that day comes, save your head-cracking moment for those new movies you want to watch. As usual, like every week, Green Tea will introduce some preview in before hand of several latest offers of the week.

    THIS WEEK 23 April 2009

    THE UNINVITED (English) 18PL Horror
    Teenage sisters Anna and Alex Rydell return home after a stint in a mental hospital, though their recovery is jeopardised by their cruel stepmother, an aloof father, and the presence of a ghost in their home. Is the ghost a figment of their frail mental state, or is it really the ghost of their late mother trying to reach to them? Based on the Korean horror film, "Tale of Two Sisters".

    THE SNIPER (Cantonese) 18SG Action/Thriller
    Hartman (Richie Ren) is renowned as the top shooter in the police force but he hides a secret past - his former teammate and superb marksman Lincoln (Huang Xiaoming) was jailed for a mysterious case of accidentally killing a hostage and has now just been released. With only vengeance in his mind, Lincoln takes on Hartman and the police, believing they betrayed him. When a high-security prisoner transfer is sabotaged by an unknown sniper and a high profile convict escapes, young upstart OJ (Edison Chen), the hot-headed rookie on the team, surprises everyone by accurately replicating the suspect's impossible shots. A battle of wits ensues as OJ becomes fascinated with Lincoln's skills yet bound by Hartman's rules.

    THREADS OF DESTINY (Japanese) PG13 Romance
    The story revolves around the 'red thread of fate' connecting the young pair, Mei (Nao Minamisawa) and Atsushi (Junpei Mizobata) and the trials they face during their high school period. Their romance blossoms when she meets a gentle-natured boy named Atsushi during a school trip to Nagasaki with close camaraderie of her school friends. The two begin to realise that they share many things in common that seem to transcend mere coincidence. Feeling a bond of fate, they grow closer. However, destiny can have a dark side to it too.


    "Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam" revolves around two girls, Tasha (Nabila Huda) and Amy (Salina Saibi). Without higher education and proper upbringing, both of them get mixed up in the world of illegal motor racing - a decision changes their lives forever.

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