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    April 30, 2009

    NEW MOVIES THIS WEEK - 30/04/09

    The Hollywood's Summer feast is back again. Last year Iron Man started it with a bang and now, it's another Marvel production to start it all for the year. Mr Wolverine is set to conquer and score some big opening in local cinema as like what Mr Tony Stark did last year. Remind you, the opening record for the first weekend in Malaysia is held by Spider Man 3 in terms of US Dollar.

    THIS WEEK 29 April 2009

    X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (English) PG13 Action/Thriller (REVIEW)
    "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" goes back to the time before the X-Men trilogy to tell the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, including his complex relationship with Victor Creed (who later becomes Sabertooth) and the ominous Weapon X programme. Along the way, he encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends in the X-Men universe.

    THIS WEEK 30 April 2009

    FROST/NIXON (English) U Drama/Politic (REVIEW)
    For three years after being forced out of office, U.S. President Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) remained silent. However in summer 1977, he agreed to sit for an interview to confront the questions about his time in office, especially the Watergate scandal that ended his presidency. Nixon surprised everyone by selecting David Frost (Michael Sheen) as his televised confessor, intending to outfox the British TV host and secure a place in the hearts and minds of Americans.

    CLAUSTROPHOBIA (Cantonese) PG13 Romance

    Veteran Hong Kong screenwriter Ivy Ho (Divergence) makes his feature directorial debut with this tale about a clandestine romance between a marketing secretary and a married manager. No one in the office suspects that Pearl (Karena Lin) and Tom (Ekin Cheng) are having an affair, not even their close friends Jewel (Chucky Woo) and John (Derek Tsang). As the story begins shifting between past and present, the affair is slowly understood as how it came to be and where it could be heading in the future.

    SETAN BUDEG (Indonesian) PG13 Horror
    Three body hunters have been assigned with the job of finding unidentified corpses scattered around Jakarta. One day, they are surprised when a female corpse that was hit by a train went missing from an ambulance. Joko (Kiwil), the head of the group gives an ultimatum that they must find the body and return it to the mortuary. The female corpse was a deaf girl named Lala, the twin sister of Anita (Dewi Perssik). While the body hunters are looking for Lala's body, they are unaware that a revengeful spirit is following them.

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