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    April 9, 2009


    Release Date: MAY 8, 2009
    Paramount Pictures

    • Early reviews have so far been very positive. Aubrey Day of Total Film give it 4/5 stars, saying, "Buoyant, buffed and with the promise of even better to come, this is the freshest Trek in decades."
    • SFX magazine praised the Abrams vision for the franchise, claiming, "This summer, after Abrams’s explosive epic has nerve-pinched all the opposition, back gardens and parks will ring with the sound of young boys zapping imaginary phasers as they play Kirk and Spock."
    • Empire Magazine awarded 4/5 Stars, saying, "for the first time in the franchise, the Enterprise is a genuine thrill-ride"; however, it also notes that "Very much like its dynamic young cast, this Trek is physical and emotional, sexy and vital even, but it is not cerebral."

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    1. Definitely looking fwd to watch this movie... been a ST fan for a long time.


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