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    May 28, 2009


    Hey Guys,
    Greeting from Green Tea himself,

    Now, it has been years that I have been searching for people like me that loves movie and not only that, loving movie till the inner sense and mind tells you that this movie is worth and deserving your every cents you spend or may asking you to simply avoid it. At Green Tea Circle, the author aims to tell, to inform and to share what he knew and what he loved or hated to the readers.

    Now, I would like to introduce to you Green Tea Movie's new columnist. His name is Reno Ooi and like me, we share similar interest and passion about movie. Therefore, I let him use this blog for him to express his own opinion and to share his word of thought about movies that we have watched. Please do note, our opinions and reviews are independent to ourselves and we try not to be biased at the same time.

    Any opinion can be sent to me via my e-mail or facebook account like what Reno did. Thus, Green Tea would like to thank Reno for his contribution. 

    His first contributions will be up soon. So, guys stay tune for his movie review on 3D animation - Battle of Terra, soon!!

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