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    May 5, 2009


    ENGLISH - (PG13) - 29 April 2009 - Action/Science Fiction
    Distributor: Paramount Pictures
    Running time:
    about 126 mins.
    Director: J.J. Abrams
    Producers: J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof
    Writers: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Gene Roddenberry (Character and creator)
    Casts: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Eric Bana
    Plot: "Star Trek" tells the incredible story of a young crew's maiden voyage onboard the most advanced starship ever created, the U.S.S. Enterprise. On a journey filled with action, comedy, and cosmic peril, the new recruits must find a way to stop an evil whose mission of vengeance threatens all of mankind. The fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of bitter rivals. One, James Kirk (Chris Pine), a delinquent, thrill-seeking Iowa farm boy. While the other, Spock (Zachary Quinto) was raised in a logic-based society that rejects all emotion. As fiery instinct clashes with calm reason, their unlikely but powerful partnership is the only thing capable of leading their crew through unimaginable danger, boldly going where no one has gone before.


    Green Tea says:

    WARNING SPOILER! Doing the Vulcan salute and phrasing the "Live long and prosper" have been a significant trademark for the movie franchise ever since, at least the fanboys would like it. Today, the visionary director J.J. Abrams has done it all again, using his magic wards and turning a 'boring' film franchise into something more popular than ever. Beware, whether you are or you are not a fan, brace yourself for a great ride of adventure and be carried away by it as I am sure everyone would just love it.

    The movie explores the early life of the two main characters; James T. Kirk and Spock. Set from different worlds, different way of life and the way they were nurtured and brought up, the two must somehow put their indifference together to lead a board of USS Enterprise crews that consists of the young guns. However, the stability of the United Federation of Planets (UFP) was threatened when a villain Nero of Romulan race decided to seek a war homage against the alliance. Will the young crews be able to stop him?

    Wolverine did a mediocre excitement to please the fans, but in an unlikely resemblance, Star Trek which is also a similar re-imagination that deals into the origin roots played largely better coverage compared to the superheroes. One thing for sure, the movie is powered by J.J. Abrams and the duo of creative writers - Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. With his past filmography in credits, J.J. Abrams did some changes that have helped reviving the series in a higher notes. So far, the Rotten Tomatoes score has been 100% for the movie, which I think the movie is hailed for several aspects.

    If you think the franchise is getting boring, please do not jump into that conclusion so soon. Too bad, my prediction is right - the movie is heavily actionable, great plots that deals with several phases of the overall story-telling, strong characterizations and a worthy appeals that may please just everyone. Contrary to the previous feature films, fans and non-fans will enjoy this more due to more portrayal of actions that do not need to give so much of adrenalin rushes, yet still provide some jaw-dropping laser beaming sequences.

    Plots are made more refined this time. Taking back into James T. Kirk early life of been a wild adventurous and Spock growing up in a very personal confusion whether to choose a pure life of Vulcan or not. The fans would love this, as the story tells a lot on how the series key members were introduced one by one. What makes it even better is that the plots are strong and very focus.

    Another advantage to note, the much more effective and imaginative special effects that will deliquesce the hearts of the one watching it. It is a vibrant and dynamic approach the way J.J.Abrams is putting things together for this movie, well known for his excellent cinematography works. The whole experience is so hard to describe anyway further.

    Thinking this is going to be just another Star Trek movie, better don't. Trust me, this is so different and as you can notice with the recent Batman franchise, this is up to that par of standard. A new revolution in a new imagination of perfecting a series franchise. I'm not a fan of this franchise, but I begin to love it.

    THE RATINGS.....
    - 5.0 stars

    STORY - 4.5 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 5.0 stars
    EFFECTS - 4.5 stars
    an overall>> 4.5 stars
    GreenTea-O-Meter: 18.3


    1. Hey dude/girl (not sure about the blog owner's gender)

      You gotta state how many stars is it upon. Some might assume that it might be a 10 rather than a 5.

      Anyway, nice review. When I saw the preview, I was like, that couldn't be Star Trek, it's so canggih and colourful! The way I remembered Star Trek was a boring movie with people with 70s hair style. Just the preview made me eat my own words. Keep it up! =)

    2. right on with dr popcorn... the movie was truly awesome!!! movie of the year man!

    3. haha..
      Me watching star trek tml!!!
      By watching the trailer, is really nice!

    4. omg u were green tea!!!! argh i shook hand with a celebrity and i din't know it!!! haha nice meeting you there dude! and star trek rocked lar!


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