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    June 16, 2009


    ENGLISH - (18PL) - 11 June 2009 - Thriller/Horror
    Distributor: Universal Pictures
    Running time: about 99 mins.
    Director: Sam Raimi
    Producers: Grant Curtis, Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert
    Writers: Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi
    Casts: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao
    Plot: A decision to deny an extension of a home loan to an old woman named Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) causes Christine (Alison Lohman) to become the recipient of a supernatural curse. Haunted by an evil spirit and misunderstood by a sceptical boyfriend, Christine seeks help from a seer to break the curse and save her soul from eternal damnation.


    Green Tea Bern says:

    WARNING FOR SPOILER! Horror movies dated back at the past features more horror and grosser stuffs. Welcome back to the era with the return of Sam Raimi into the genre he did best before he made it even bigger with spider Man - cult horror. Well, sam Raimi made it a modern twist that I believe it is much enjoyable and grosser take - a different approach than modern horror tale.

    The story is about Christine Brown, a young woman vying for an assistant manager position in her local bank, a position that needs the tougher inner sense and ability to make a tough decision. Therefore, she rejected Mrs. Ganush's application for extension of her credit. Little that she knew that Mrs Ganush, a typical gypsy return in vengence by putting an ancient old curse in the form of a soul reaper, Lamia on Christine.

    The story is pretty straight forward. Like any other horror story, for example The Unborn; a young lady became a central character which has trouble of getting rid of an evil force bugging on her. Although it may upset the anticipation for this kind of same story, Sam Raimi make an distinction and let it to flow on its own. Not just the story produces some of much superior in aspects of story telling, but also intriguing the much need of horror from it.

    The plot is relatively predictable but the enjoyment ride is still presence. The dialogue is pretty up to human, and the plots are very interesting to follow indeed. Another unique point is the uses of panning of gross horror that is rarely used this days. Therefore, i would like to label this movie as a 80's horror cult. This old fashion uses such a technique that produces vomitophilic, cartoonic and horrible scenes, something different than usual horror movie that features bloody and intimidating images to spread fear.

    Allison Lohman is a great actor and although her sometimes emotionless expression, she did well to portray a disturb woman with grudge to stop everything in hand. The power of casts seem to be strengthen by the presence of Justin Long and Dileep Lao which both solidly play their role. What interesting the most is Lorna Raver, the actress behind the fearsome, gross and horrible Mrs Ganush. Seriously, she did an excellent job - a gypsy witch with full of mysterious elegance of craft and curse. I bet her performance will capture more attention in the future and her stock in Hollywood will just rise.
    Overall, it's a movie definitely worth watching. Don't loose this chance to freak yourself out in cinema as there wasn't many scary movie can do as good as this one. Warning: not for the faint-hearted. So, watch it at your own risk.

    THE RATINGS.....
    - 4.5 stars

    - 4.0 stars

    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 4.0 stars
    EFFECTS - 4.0 stars
    an overall>> 4.0 stars
    GreenTea-O-Meter: 16.6

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