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    June 25, 2009


    The Da Vinci Code, the best selling novel by Dan Brown, which is currently estimated to have sold more than 80 million copies worldwise since 2003, has been translated into a silver screen adaptation. With the novie-movie tie shows a link between a massive readership and a mega box office, Hollywood studios are now piling up to adapt another author's huge work in literature world.

    John Grisham, a popular legal thriller author with best selling list that includes The Testament, The Associate and The Partner is definitely getting a lot of pay check. Grisham could have been extra wealthy back in the 90s but he decided to impose a moratorium on optioning any of his novels - means no adaptation into a movie, which he only lifted three years ago.

    Recent development sees The Testament, Grisham's 1999 best selling novel about a climatic legal battle that deals on an $11 billion inheritence case, will be optioned into a big screen treatment, joining The Partner and The Associate.

    Only in this month, news that Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan and Shia LaBeouf will be attached to The Associate, The Treatment's option seems to make Grisham the man of the month.

    Warner Bros. is now attaching Hunt Lowry (A Time To Kill), John Grisham himself and Mark Johnson (Prince Caspian) and 821 Entertainment for the production. No word yet on who will write the screenplay.

    For sure, in the next couple of years, expect The Partner, The Associate and The Testament to reach the silver screens.
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