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    June 30, 2009


    Step aside giant robots, Michael Bay has signed to produce and possibly to direct a new movie - thus talking a break from directing the Transformers franchise for some moment.

    Empire Online reported that Michael Bay is in fact very interested with the upcoming book 'I Am Number Four', the first of six planned series - "a sci-fi novels about nine teen aliens on Earth, who escaped their planet just before a hostile race destroyed it. While the nine are busy adjusting to their new world and new roles, the titular Number Four discovers that those who destroyed his world are still determined to hunt him down." - EO

    Although the first book was written by two writers under a pseudonym, and it is said that that one of them was James Frey, best-seller author for semi-fictional memoir 'A Million Little Pieces'.

    The film will be developed by DreamWorks, with possibility that Steven Spielberg will be the producer.

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