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    June 23, 2009

    US BOX OFFICE 21 JUNE 2009

    With Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen assuring a big blockbuster opening next week, box office in US closed their weekend account 5% ahead of the same frame last year when Get Smart opened to number one last year.

    This week, Sandra Bullock scored a massive debut in her career highlight along with co-star Ryan Reynolds as well. The couple combined force to bring The Proposal to the top with US$ 33.6 million, while fellow debutant, Year One by Jack Black and Michael Cena, posted a solid but not spectacular US$ 19.6 million.

    The Hangover and Up still posted a strong holdover, both on their way to reach a milestone of their own. How much will Transformers 2 goes this weekend?

    US TOP 12 BOX OFFICE (19-21 June 2009)
    *Notes: Courtesy of boxofficemojo.com

    (Buena Vista)
    gross: US$ 33.6 M total: US$ 33.6 M

    02) THE HANGOVER (Warner Bros)
    gross: US$ 26.8 M total: US$ 152.8 M

    03) UP (Buena Vista)
    gross: US$ 23.5 M total: US$ 226.3 M

    04) YEAR ONE (Sony)
    gross: US$ 19.6 M total: US$ 19.6 M

    05) THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 (Sony)
    gross: US$ 12.0 M total: US$ 44.1 M

    gross: US$ 7.8 M total: US$ 156.5 M

    07) STAR TREK (Paramount)
    gross: US$ 5.5 M total: US$ 240.3 M

    08) LAND OF THE LOST (Universal)
    gross: US$ 4.4 M total: US$ 44.1 M

    09) IMAGINE THAT (Paramount)
    gross: US$ 3.3 M total: US$ 11.5 M

    10) TERMINATOR SALVATION (Warner Bros)
    gross: US$ 3.3 M total: US$ 119.7 M

    11) ANGELS & DEMONS (Sony)
    gross: US$ 2.8 M total: US$ 128.2 M

    12) DRAG ME TO HELL (Universal)
    gross: US$ 2.0 M total: US$ 39.2 M

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