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    July 29, 2009


    During the recent Comic-Con, it was confirmed that there will not be any movie based on the popular TV series, 24. The Jack Bauer-led actioner TV series will not in any immediate period be translated into a silver screen adaptation, at least not yet!

    With season eight installed for the coming US and global television season, works for another 24 movie (earlier this year, a movie version was produced to serve as a prequel to the season seven) or a theatrical movie version looks skeptical for the moment.

    "Well, there has been a lot of work done researching ideas for a film or a potential film franchise," explains Sutherland. "But the energy that's required to make the 24 episodes a year... we agreed that we would put any serious planning for a film aside until we were finished with the series. So outside talking about ideas for a film it hasn’t gone any farther than that. But there are certainly some cool ideas and we’d love to make it.” – EO

    So, no 24 movie yet!

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