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    July 15, 2009


    ENGLISH - (18SG) - 09 July 2009 - Crime/Drama
    Distributor: Universal Pictures
    Running time: about 139 mins.
    Director: Michael Mann
    Producers: Michael Mann, Kevin Mischer
    Writers: Ronan Bennett, Ann Biderman, Michael Mann; Book: Bryan Burrough
    Casts: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Channing Tatum, Emilie de Ravin,
    Plot: Set in the 1930s, "Public Enemies" is a film adaptation from Bryan Burrough's book "Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34." The story unfolds during America's Great Depression Era with the focus of FBI agent, Melvin Purvis trying to stop notorious American gangsters like John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd.


    Green Tea Bern says:

    WARNING FOR SPOILER! Like those previous directions, Michael Mann maintains the loud banging and silencing the movement of the plot in his latest, Public Enemies. Uniquely driven but may test the patience of the audience, the new features serves more than an episodic thriller and criminal trails that resembles past hits like Miami Vice or Collateral.

    Based on the true story which sets in 1933, it tells the story of the legendary notorious John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) on his fame into becoming the most wanted man in the history. His notorious criminal activities that include mainly bank robbery and a cocktail of money laundering syndicate attract the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with Agent Melvin (Christian Bale) to set a trail to capture him.

    On its plot, it is strong and heavily-condensed, although sometimes not at its most senses at all. The story especially on Dillinger's escape from the prison is practically technical and mechanical, merely a shoot-duck-and-shield-method been used.

    The story is noticeably relied more on its criminal background and Johnny Depp-Christian Bale collaboration to sell. I like the way the story is tell - keeping the feet to the ground and very close to the each character's view. The cat and mouse hunt is never-ending but I notice the lack in its thrill factor. The plot is good, untouchable and prominent to its highest level. Forget about the two hours long in it.

    One may also easily points out for its sloppy and very slow pace in terms of plot development, although energetically loud for the bullets exchange.

    As I said earlier, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are two actors that sell this movie out. Fortunately, adding a hot Marion Cottilard in, with her Oscar-rating, the star powers are strong. The characterization is a bit sluggish but it handles well into the story. Acting wise, both men are great. What much I can say besides those persona and styles that owned by Mr Depp himself. Luckily, those star powers are not wasted.

    Overall, I like this movie but like all other Michael Mann's, I hate the say that the boring mood is unavoidable. However, the movie is dark, gory and intense, while not forgetting the brutal and inhuman methods been used - the cinematography and art direction are stunning. This is a crime drama that floats you along but the thrills are less intensify.

    THE RATINGS.....
    CAST - 4.5 stars
    - 4.0 stars

    CINEMATOGRAPHY - 4.0 stars
    EFFECTS - 3.5 stars
    an overall>> 4.0 stars
    GreenTea-O-Meter: 16.3

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