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    July 22, 2009


    Peter Jackson, the acclaimed director behind The Lord of the Rings, recently warned fans not to expect anything following rumors that the casting of Bilbo Baggins for The Hobbit may be announced at Comic-Con festival soon.

    "No, we won’t be announcing Bilbo for a little while," he said when we asked about a Comic-Con announcement. "We’re starting to think about casting, but we’re knee-deep in the script right now. And when we do go to actors, they’re probably going to ask to see a script, so we’re powering ahead with getting the first draft done.”

    Slashfilm.com reported recently in the blog that the casting of Bilbo Baggins for the movie will be a horse-race between: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

    James McAvoy (Wanted),

    and David Tennant (Harry Potter 4).

    The Hobbit, serves as the prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy of which it would recall the journey of much younger Bilbo Baggins on his quest and adventure that lead him to the discovery of the One Ring.

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    1. I think james mcavoy.....david too evil look, daniel too leng chai...lol


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