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    August 19, 2009


    Warner Bros has decided over the months of summer that they are going to release some new ‘special’ releases of the all Harry Potter films. The decision to release another version of the Potter film – in this case, a new cut of longer and extended edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, comes as no surprise. Harry Potter is the world’s biggest ever franchise that all first five installments has already raked in more than US$ 4.5 billion worldwide and the re-release would bring in cheers to the fans.

    The extended version will features in a DVD instead of theatherical release. However, the main question remains – what scenes could be added into the extended version since there aren’t many deleted scenes or additional scenes at all for the movie.

    Producer David Heyman commented – “These films take a long time. They take about 30 weeks to shoot, and we couldn’t take any more time, partly because the kids can’t work too long and partly because of the cost. It would be a lovely thing for the DVD extras, and inevitably there are things that don’t make it onto the film that we put on the DVD, but to shoot things for the DVD alone, I’m not sure that makes sense here.” - EO

    Before you Potter fans get disappointed, let me tell you this – there won’t be extra subplots or additional scenes to be add into the extended version – merely only additional dialogue or scattered moments.
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