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    August 20, 2009


    The rumour was quickly played down by Warner Bros but the credibility of the source for the rumour cannot be simply belittled.
    Professor Moriarty is a famous antagonist that Sherlock Holmes had ever faced in the whole chronology of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation – thus putting the character into the film would not be impossible. If Moriarty does have a small role in this film, the vibrant is clear in the air that the sequel has already on plan.

    According to The Mirror, Ritchie was ordered to add the character of Moriarty by Warner Bros. the paper also claimed that Brad Pitt was called for the role and is currently shooting at Cliveden House and in London while it was also reported Robert Downey Jr. is in the set as well.

    If this rumour is somehow true, it means that it would be an interesting one as Brad Pitt has seldom been casted for antagonist role. Let’s see what will happen next!!

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