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    August 23, 2009


    Looks like Jason Bourne will have the number four movie green-lighted. Universal Pictures has announced a new writer to board on the franchise - Josh Zeturner, who will be given a difficult task of delivering a new fresh storyline and direction to the series.

    Zeturner selection comes in time when the need to replace George Nolfi, one of the original writer which has conflicting schedule and Nolfi prefered The Adjustment Bureau then Bourne. Nevertheless the guys in Universal is certainly hoping that Nolfi can complete his screenplay on The Adjustment Bureau quick enough. It is speculated that Universal will try to merge them both up.

    Certainly, we wish Zetumer well. If he can come up with a great story, good enough to secure the involvement of Damon and Paul Greengrass, then we’ll be delighted.

    Frank Marshall and Jeffrey Weiner are producing the movie. - EO
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