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    August 28, 2009


    ENGLISH - (U)
    20 August 2009

    Buena Vista
    Running Time: 106 mins.
    Director: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
    Producers: Jonas Rivera, Executive: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
    Writers: Bob Peterson, Pete Docter, Thomas McCarthy
    Casts: Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson, Delroy Lindo
    Plot: A 78-year-old man named Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. Due to his age, he thinks life has passed him by. One day, an 8-year old wilderness explorer named Russell, changes his outlook on life and the pair goes on adventures, encountering wild terrains, unexpected villains and jungle creatures.


    Green Tea Bern Says:

    Up is the tenth Pixar and Disney collaboration. Not just the number ten is significant for animation lover like me, but also the first to feature a rather exquisite 3D format. Nevertheless, the movie works very well and this is among the best presentation we have ever seen. If Wall-E is unique in its sense, this one too.

    The movie tells the story of Carl Fredricksen, from his young boy's life whom he met Ellie, a girl with very outgoing and eccentric. They shared a dream - to travel to Paradise Falls and transport their clubhouse on top of the waterfall. As life passed by, they grew up and get married but found themselves still unable to realize the dream. Ellie passed away, and what will the old Carl do to realize the last wish in his life? [....]

    The plot is exceptionally awesome and it has everything in it - emotion, cheers, realism, humour and message in it. The story mainly anchor on Carl Fredricksen and his vow of promise he made with his wife Ellie. This is perhaps the most emotional and touching movie I have seen this year. It is gorgeously rendered and has keep the story very much into pieces, gel within by a strong, beautiful and poetic story telling - a brilliant screenplay.

    However, there a little flaw in it - a bitter boring of blantant story with subpar character interaction. The flaw seems to be limited to there. The rest is just simply a master-piece, not just been a mere funny entertainment value but manage to grab to inner sense and soul from the audience.

    Characterization is very well put forwarded inside the movie. There is a balance of good and evil force in it. The characters are cute - Russell, Kevin and Dug - been comical and hilarious. Russell is a cute boy with a green-heart, Kevin (a female actually) has some sort of strange but sarcastic bird while Dug, a talkable dog with its own charm. Not forget the old grumpy Carl. But nothing beats the love story of Carl and Ellie - been perhaps the most remarkable figure in the movie.

    Cinematography is very distinct in Up - a great presentation of panoramic features of Paradise Falls in South America. The effects are gorgeous and you can experience the vibrant sounds and colours via 3D format. The imagination is been wild and beautiful - perhaps it is something great to watch. The movie accompanies with a flexing and highly touching music and original scores that pampered your heart to the fullness.

    In shorts, can you misses this movie? Definitely no.

    STORY – 5.0 stars
    CASTS – 4.5 stars
    CINEMATOGRAPHY – 4.5 stars
    EFFECTS - 4.5 stars
    Average - 4.5 stars

    Green-Tea-O-Meter: 18.8

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