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    September 5, 2009

    COMING SOON: 2012

    If you expect this could be a hit movie? You are probably right.

    But if you expect this could be another misery movie to endure through just like Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow or 10000BC, you could be probably right as well.

    2012 - amovie which heavily influenced by a prediction based on the Mayan calender left behind centuries ago clearly stated the significant of the 20 December 2012. The next day, the world will be in catastrophic. By 2012, we’ll know – we were warned.


    The story will be divided in several point of views, as like The Day After Tomorrow. "First we have John Cusack who stars as Jackson Curtis, a writer whose devotion to his failed-but-possibly-brilliant novel broke up his marriage and left his family in flux; while Amanda Peet plays Jackson’s ex-wife, Kate, who maintains friendly contact with Jackson. But Jackson remains a loyal dad and when the chips are down, he will prove he will do anything to save his family. In the process – Jackson and his family will begin a desperate journey by land and air to survive to see the new world."

    "Meanwhile, at the very highest reaches of the world’s governments, there is a plan that will not be able to save the entire human race, but they will be able to save some, and those will have the chance to begin society anew. President Thomas Wilson, played by Danny Glover, is very quick to understand the crisis the world is about to face – and equally quick to prevent mass hysteria by keeping the information secret. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the president’s chief science advisor, Adrian Helmsley, who has managed to decode the earth’s messages and is determined to do what he can to help as many people as possible. Carl Anheuser, the president’s chief of staff played by Oliver Platt, might be pompous and quick-tempered, but he is equally determined to see society – at least, those in society who can afford it – survive."

    "Thandie Newton, playing the president’s daughter, Laura, is shocked to find out what her father’s government has hidden from the world. In fact, it seems that the only man outside the government with any clue as to what is about to happen is the radio host (and maybe prophet) Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson), who broadcasts his predictions to anyone who will listen."




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