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    September 24, 2009


    The news last week came with a high note that Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise will continue to move on. It was the long time chairman of Disney, Dick Cook who personally announced that the franchise will have a fourth adventure, given a subtitle of On Stranger Tides, while also elaborating on the plot where Captain Jack Sparrow will en route on a search for the Fountain of Youth. Those happened at the Disney D23 Expo last week.

    But news quickly turned sour following sudden departure of Cook after seven years serving as the chairman. The sails were initially set for sail but now things turned into clouds of doubts.

    For Johnny Deep himself, those doubts were so imminent during his interview with The LA Times over the weekend. He was not sure about the film's future and went to say, "There's a fissure, a crack in my enthusiasm at the moment… It was all born in that office." (The office here refers to Cook's office where the franchise was born and where Cook had persuaded Depp to walk on the role of Jack Sparrow on the first outing)

    "He said, 'We're thinking about doing this 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie,'" Depp told the LA Times. "I said I was in. This was before there was a script or anything." Depp went on to recall that Cook had protected him and shepherded him when other Disney suits were going nuts about the leftfield nature of his Sparrow turn.

    So, is the latest POTC get a hit by been delayed or worst, been cancelled? It is still early to say or speculate further but here is a thing, no Depp means no Captain Jack, no Captain Jack means a dead end for the new movie. I am sure audience want to see him again!

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