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    September 23, 2009


    Anyone who has saw the trailer of Legion would have the same eagerness and anticipation to see the final product. Legion may be Scott Stewart first directorial in his CV that also includes founded the effects house The Orphanage, but Legion could be the movie to watch. Legion would open next spring.

    But let's not forget that he has another subsequent picture in the making, Priest. While Paul Bettany would be the lead role for both movie (yes, Paul Bettany will be some sort of spirit fighter in Legion and Priest), Priest has been roping in great casts as well in the process. The details of each actor can be found here at Slashfilm.

    Variety has reported that Madchen Amick (Twin Peak) has been casted to take on the role of Shannon, the mother of the kidnapped girl that sets the plot in move. While she may not be famous, yet again, she has the same 'XX' factor we want.

    Scott Stewart on another hand self announced it on his Twitter where the enrollment of two veteran stars; Brad Dourif (Halloween) and Christopher Plummer (the guy is legend) has been confirmed.

    Previously, we have already known that Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Maggie Q (MI 3) has been casted for the movie Priest. Priest will be based on an adaptation of Tokyo Pop graphic novel of the same title, which tells the story of how a priest set out to search a missing girl whom may have something to do with evil spirit.

    Priest sounds promising but I doubt it will be not easy for the censorship board to pass without slapping it hard!!

    HALLOWEEN – 2.0 stars
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