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    October 15, 2009


    The Tourist, a Hitchcockian style thriller movie is undergoing tremendous changes despite the shooting date is drawing near. First, came the news of departure of Tom Cruise (the same case where he leaves Motorcade) which now has Sam Worthington filling the shoe.

    Then director Bharat Nalluri has left as well, without any replacement. And now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter via this site, Charlize Theron has also departed and talks have been on-going between studio and Angelina Jolie. Is the rumours that Angelina Jolie may set her foot on the movie now?

    The film has now been boasted by five different writers and is a remake of the French Anthony Zimmer from 2005. Plot-wise, The Tourist features a classic innocent-caught-up-in-nefarious-shenanigans story about a tourist persuaded by Interpol to go undercover and trap a former lover who's now suspected of being an international criminal. Worthington is the unwary traveller, and Jolie, the shoe fitting perfectly we feel, would be the femme fatal, according to EO.

    Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum and Jonathan Glickman will produce for Spyglass Entertainment.
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