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    October 28, 2009


    Variety and EO reported that Steve Carr, the director for comedy hits like Paul Blart Mall Cop, Daddy Day Care, Rebound and Dr Dolittle 2 will embark on his next project - a remake of Short Circuit. This will be a tough test to endure.

    If the original John Badham's Short Circuit which is considered as a cult classic, telling a story about a robot named Johnny 5 who is imbued with sentience by a rogue lightning bolt. On the run from the military, Johnny 5 bonds with Ally Sheedy, and hilarious adventures are had by all.

    Variety reported that the director prefers the movie to go on the similar premise as the original but the bond with Ally Sheedy is to be replaced with a young boy. Talking about additional emotional recipes in it?

    Dan Milano wrote the script for the Dimension film.
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