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    October 11, 2009


    In the recent months, MGM studio has been facing with a severe problem with their financial assets. The lions are very hungry but they have no cash in stack up for business. The studio have in over the past decades suffering but they still have some room to grow with producing several great movies till today.

    Things changed and the studio is on the verge of bankrupcy, thus affecting the production of their most valuable titles like The Hobbit and Bond 23. However, the studio was granted a three months leniency and was asked to consider each of their library and archieves of film franchise they have. With the financial proposal awaiting their creditor by the end of November, the studio may find itself with a small breathing space, at least until the end of the year.

    With US$ 4 billion debt, even putting on a garage sale may not be adequate. Question has been put on forward whether the possible future of MGM studio may results in only one direction - bankruptcy.

    With the production of The Hobbit may be saved by a possible collaboration with Peter Jackson's prior partners in the universe of The Lord of the Rings - New Line Cinema or their subsidiary Warner Bros., it leaves thing with another worry for MGM's other big name. Bond is in danger!

    The news came in very quick as the rumor clearly mentioned that there is a possibilty that Fox may pick up Bond distribution and marketing. WAMG (We Are Movie Geek) said, "A source close to the dealings has let We Are Movie Geeks know that Bond is alive and well, and will be settling into his new domicile for marketing and distribution at 20th Century Fox.” Is this rumor even true.

    But here is a question to ponder as well - was not the previous two Bond movies (starring Daniel Craig) were co-produced and financed by Sony's large arm Columbia Pictures?

    Quoting one user, mojomann from the comment box of this piece of news, it was rather interesting to question why Bond should be hand over to Fox.
    "Sony fought so hard to get Bond, first by trying to make their own series based on the character (actualy based on the single movie Thunderball, but that’s another story) and then winning the bid to distribute the franchise when MGM started collapsing. They recently repackaged the whole series on DVD and are knee deep into relasing it on Bluray. The last 2 Bond films under Sony have made more money than it’s previous outings. Though to that point, Bond has never really been a box-office giant. The first couple did well when they were released but over time it has not grown exponentialy. It was not until Pierce came into the roll that it started to make the top 10 $$ list each year and with Daniel it has continued that trend. One would think that Sony would fight pretty hard to retain the franchise at this point."

    In doesn't matter if Bond may turning their way to Fox or continue to serve under Sony. What matter most, fans would love to see another Bond movie in the dark version as in Casino Royale or even The Quantum of Solace.
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