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    November 23, 2009


    This week, he anchored The Twilight Saga: New Moon to a unprecedented mammoth opening on the US Box Office with a US$ 140.7 million in the pocket on the first three days. The excitement is still warm but Chris Weitz has already sitting down to possibly taking the helm role for the next project, The Gardener, with Summit Entertainment.

    The Gardener will sees Chris Weitz changing his sight from fantasy to more sort of realistic drama. His last two films are The Golden Compass and of course New Moon.

    According to Variety, The Gardener tells about a Mexican gardener who lives in Los Angeles and takes measures to protect his son. First guess is a drama, but it maybe a comedy, thriller or rom-com, but nobody can assure of its genre.

    Eric Eason wrote the screenplay while no casting news yet. Weitz aims to start this project by Spring 2010.
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