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    November 27, 2009


    Do you watch Fringe? If you do, you will probably know who Joshua Jackson is. The guy from Dawson Creek and once a star in a horror Shutter (Hollywood version) is continuing his fine run in supernatural related materials. With Fringe on its second season, he is the suitable choice (according to the production team) to headline the movie UFO, an adaptation of the cult-hit British TV series by Gerry Anderson.

    Joshua Jackson is set to play the role of Paul Foster, "a test pilot who joins S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), a covert org built under a Hollywood studio that defends Earth against a race of aliens who have been abducting humans and using the body parts.” - Variety.

    The movie will be directed by Matthew Gratzner, a first-time director who previously worked for visual effects supervisor in Iron Man, Shutter Island and The Fountain. Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek give the script some treatment. Robert Evans will produce.

    "Character development is the most critical part of ‘UFO,’ and Joshua’s terrific talent and range is exactly what I need to convey the inner conflict of the character of Paul Foster," says Gratner.

    Shooting starts in the spring and more casting news will be heard in the near future.
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