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    November 8, 2009


    Sony Picture is in fact doing a risky game and risky business by planning an adaptation of Risk - the board game. Besides the fact that hundreds of little plastic soldier, a dice and a map of divided nations with one aim - Conquer and Command, the fact that this business is getting an attention is undeniable.

    Risk, another Hasbro's product is one of those currently hot slewing properties that is going for translation into silver scream. Others game based products (not necessary Hasbro's) include Transformers, GI Joe, Monopoly and Candyland.

    Sony President Doug Belgrad says, "The strategic thinking and the tactical gambles that players must take in the game are what make Risk a classic, thoroughly engaging game. Those elements translated into an action-packed, thrilling story are what will make this a uniquely exciting movie."

    Final choice of director will be the domain of Bennett Schneir and Hasbro CEO (and very canny man) Brian Goldner, though, who've signed on to produce.

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