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    December 29, 2009


    Avatar's strong showing at the US box Office (as reported yesterday) will very much gives an indication that James Cameron and Fox have some sequel plans in mind as well. Given a receipt of US$ 212 million in 10 days, any possibilities for a sequel look very strong and most likely you will get a third film to complete the trilogy as well.

    According to LA Times and Slash Film, "Cameron is considering exploring the other moons surrounding the gas-giant planet Polyphemus, which Pandora orbits. This confirms an earlier rumor by Market Saw, and it gives us an idea about the increased scope of the Avatar universe."

    We have some story ideas about how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A (ACA) solar system. - James Cameron.

    The sequel, Avatar 2 is likely to feature the further human exploration into the solar system or the destroyed Earth which was mentioned in the film. No matter how the story goes, Cameron has already drew up the sequel story backbone although no script was written yet:

    Actually, when I pitched this to 20th Century Fox four-and-a-half years ago, I said, ‘You know, we’re going to spend a lot of money and time and energy creating not only a process but the assets, the CG assets, we call them - all the models of every rock and tree and plant and creature and the muscle rigs for all the creatures and the facial rigging for the main characters and all that’… huge, millions and millions of dollars. So it really makes sense to think of it as the potential start of a franchise, if you will, or a saga that plays out over several acts, each movie being an act of that saga. - James Cameron.

    On another interview with MTV, Cameron has said that the production process of the sequels can eb done faster than the first film:

    Part of what we set out to do is create a world and create these characters. From the time we capture and finish the capture, it’s literally nine to 10 months to get the CG characters working, to get their facial musculature working. … So now we have Jake, we have Neytiri. Sam can step right back into it, the characters will fit them like a glove, and we’ll just go on. So a lot of the start-up torque that had to be done for one movie really makes more sense if you play it out across several films. - James Cameron.

    Let us see how the sequel will work but the announcement may be coming in soon.
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