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    December 12, 2009


    Bryce Dallas Howard will reunite with Invictus' Matt Damon for Clint Eastwood's Hereafter. Hereafter is a supernatural thriller, a genre that Eastwood has yet to tackle on his legendary filmography files.

    Howard has just finished playing Victoria in the latest Twilight Saga installment, Eclipse and now she is set to join the production team.

    Hereafter will sees three people (a regular American working man, a French journalist and a London school boy) touched by the reaper in different ways.

    Eastwood is already busy shooting (how else will he finish three more films before most other directors have tackled one?) and the movie will take in locations across Paris, London, Hawaii and San Francisco before it's finished. - EO

    Hereafter is aiming for a December 2010 release. Could this be another award contenders for Dirty Harry?
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