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    December 17, 2009


    The trailer has finally out. The red hot machine of glowing red and yellow. A master of weaponry himself. A flamboyant playboy with some mash mellow attitude. Have you guess who is he yet?

    Coming this May 7, 2010 in the theaters near you is none other than Iron Man 2. Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment has finally released a much waited trailer for the sequel, which will display something a little bit about Whiplash, Black Widow, Wild Machine and of course arch-rival Justin Hammer.

    Previously in Green Tea Movie, we have featured the movie stills from the sequel, first look on Whiplash, Tony Stark and the rest at

    Then, we also
    released the official teaser poster that extravaganza by the way, judging the fact that a trailer is definitely coming.

    A week later, here comes the first official teaser trailer I believe. Enjoy this trailer and tell me what you think.

    After watching the movie, did you spot Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury? Watch again and slow-mo at 1:30

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