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    December 11, 2009


    According to Bloody Disgusting, Warner's adaptation of Jonah Hex may well be back into the studio again for additional shooting. Althought the original production has wrapped months ago, the movie like many other may require extra shooting to fit in new ideas or simply to make them much nicer.

    To make it all interesting, it seems that the director Jimmy Hayward may need some guidance and consultation from
    I Am Legend's Francis Lawrence. This is a bit to worry as if Hayward is not confidence of his perpertual product.

    Of course, Hayward is a "junior" in terms of live-action direction. Previously, he directed two
    Fox animation - Robots and Horton Hears A Who!

    Another leaked out information from Spoiler TV has that the characters including the lead's wife and child, may well be included. This will help to bolster more on Hex's background though.

    Anyway, we still have to wait until the final product first before anything happens now be crystal clear.
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