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    December 8, 2009


    , a planned upcoming sport pic that will features Brad Pitt has several directors changing hand. Since the project's original director Steven Soderbergh left over creative differences with Sony Pictures, the studio has very much been running a scout to look for a new director.

    It is now confirmed that, according to
    Variety, that Capote's director Bennett Miller will taking over, thus rebuking any rumours that Marc Webb of (500) Days Of Summer will be taking over.

    Moneyball may follow the success of current
    Sandra Bullock's sport-pigskin film that runs very well in the US box-office, Blind Side. Moneyball is a baseball film which dwells into the real life of Oakland A's manager Billy Beane who realising his budget was lower than many of his competition, ditched the traditional methods of picking players for a computerised system to great results.

    Let's see how Brad Pitt will be settling with a new director.
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