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    December 8, 2009


    Robert Zemeckis, after A Christmas Carol is setting his eye for another Christmas-associated tale, The Nutcracker. No official words yet as it was still pretty much a rumour. Nevertheless, the reimagination for a return of The Nutcracker has another version on New Line's side.

    "Best known from the Christmas ballet featuring music from Tchaikovsky in 1892, the plot actually has its roots in ETA Hoffman's 1816 story The Nutcracker And The Mouse King."
    Article from EO

    Darren Lemke has been working to now to adapt the spirit of The Nutcracker to focus on a 12-year-old girl whose festive gift of a Nutcracker doll leads her off an an adventure involving a seven-headed Mouse King and his rodent army.

    The movie may be well equipped with lots of CG and animatronic rodents as well. No other words related to it been confirmed, let's keep fingers-cross for this one.
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