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    December 11, 2009


    The actor/producer Adam Sandler is currently working and developing his latest romantic-comedy Pretend Wife. Guess who will be pretending as his wife? Bingo. Jennifer Aniston.

    Although she hasn't signed on yet, the news are blowing strong that she will be the lead opposite of Sandler. No words on the conceptual or anything about the story yet but we know that the script is underway by
    Allan Loeb and Tim Downing.

    The movie will of course be distributed by none other than
    Sony Pictures. The usual combination of Sony, Sandler and the familiar director whom Sandler always worked with, Dennis Dugan will be the perfect formula that works like before. Will it be again? Dugan has not yet confirmed too.

    Shooting will possibly start early next year for a Valentine's Day 2011 release.
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