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    January 12, 2010


    Here are the US Box Office report for weekending 8-10 January 2010.

    The last time some movie spent four weeks at number one was The Dark Knight and it went on to gross a spectacular US$ 533 million in Stateside. The history repeated again but this time the master of the universe James Cameron's Avatar did a magical fourth week at the top by raking in another US$ 50.3 million to accumulate US$ 430.8 million, in just 23 days. The number is set to expand even more considering the Oscar season is just about to peak up its momentum.

    The amount on week four is enough to shatter another 12 years old record for the fourth weekend record previously held by Titanic. The total gross is expected to crash The Dark Knight's number two spot although Titanic's 600 million milestone is still far from reach.

    Worldwide, Avatar has passed an unprecedented US$ 910 million in foreign market and at the same time gaining up to US$ 1.3 billion, only in 4 weeks. Avatar is truly a phenomenon and if the power legging continues, the US$ 1.8 billion set by Titanic will be broken too.

    Meanwhile, for three weeks in the row, the silver medal goes to Sherlock Holmes (US$ 16.59 million for US$ 165.2 million) and bronze to Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 (US$ 16.57 million for US$ 178.5 million).

    Debuting and leading the rest of newcomers at number four was LionsGate's Daybreakers. The vampire flick grossed US$ 15.15 million to become the biggest opener of the year. The R-rated vampire flick is in lights of the re

    For the rest of the boxoffice report last weekend, please check BoxOfficeMojo. Avatar has made about US$ 5.6 M in Malaysia (RM 18.7 M) while another US$ 6.5 M in Simgapore (S$ 9.0 M) so far.
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