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    January 27, 2010


    It comes to no surprise that James Cameron's Avatar will take over the worldwide box office record from the counterpart's Titanic. Ticket price inflation, 3D and Imax hypes, and awesome reviews have all contribute to allow the Pandora sci-fi flick to pass and sinks the huge steam ship. So, the scenario is James Cameron is truly the king of the world by having two films on top of the world.

    Over the weekend (January 22-24), Avatar took in another $34.9 million to stay at number one for its sixth week, beating previous 6th weekend record by Titanic's $25 million. The impressive run at top spot was enough to fend off competition from Legion (2nd, $17.5 million) and Tooth Fairy (4th, $14 million). The total stand for the sci-fi epic as on Sunday was $ 551.7 million - that's about $49 million to smash Titanic's domestic record. So, pundits have predicted that the record will likely be taken in the next within two weeks, just in time for Oscar raves. My prediction, if it holds on as this pace plus with a sure multiple Oscar nominations, the final gross may soaring up to $700 million.

    Overseas number was even stellar. Raking in over $100 million, the film has become the top grossed movie on foreign market by eclipsing the initially unimaginable $1.24 billion. Last weekend tribute was largely from heavy markets like Italy, China and France.

    Here is the rundown of the box office details of Avatar as of January 25:

    And here is the comparison of box office performance between Avatar, Titanic, The Dark Knight and Shrek 2.

    BO Comparison.egg  on Aviary

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