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    January 17, 2010


    Variety picked up a story that Paramount Pictures has secured their plan for an adaptation of Robert Ludlum's political thriller The Chancellor Manuscript, 4 years after securing a $4 million deal for the rights.

    The studio has attached Marc Foster (Qunatum of Solace) to direct and Peter O'Brien to write a new script based on the book. Paramount has also named Leonardo DiCaprio to star as the novelist Peter Chancellor in the movie. All seems in rush but given Ludlum's posthumous hot status with his Bourne trilogy deemed to be a great success, thanks to Paul Greengrass and actor Matt Damon.

    The Chancellor Manuscript, focuses on an author who writes a conspiracy novel about Washington power brokers being blackmailed into changing US policies. Trouble is, he's closer to the truth than he knows, and when some operatives get a copy of his manuscript, they figure he's about to reveal their plan and try to hunt him down.

    SOURCE: Variety, Empire Online
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