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    January 2, 2010


    On the last post, we already countdown some of the BEST REVIEWED MOVIE of the year. A recap, we did countdown from #30 to #21 and #20 to #11. Continuing our very own TOP 30 2009's BEST REVIEWED MOVIE, the part three will feature another ten movies in the middle field. You can catch the Part One and Part Two again while the rest will continue after this jump.

    PART TWO: #10 to #11

    Brad Pitt has two features in Top Ten and the first one is here. This 2 hours plus extravaganza of Brad Pitt leading a plot to kill top Nazi official in German-occupied France in WW2 has a different set time. It is not of any recorded events in real timeline, rather a imaginative head-scalping of Nazi soliders that has been done in a perfect guerilla styles. Thanks to ever talented Quentin Taratino, now you have learn how to fantasize a World War 2 based material and turned it into a fiction one. Christoph Waltz as Colonel Hans Lauda deserves an Oscar nomination for his bad-ass performances. Kudos QT!!

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    There isn't much Chinese movie I have watched this year. I missed many in the lights like Overhead (some people said its award-deserved movie), recently Bodyguards and Assassins, and others. Fortunate enough, we have one of it slated in Top Ten. Jackie Chan's flick revolving the Chinese immigrant in Japan is touching and very gory at the same time. No limbs spared as it was easily slashed here and the mercy is not given. Depite the gory, the story is compelling and saw large transformation in characterization. Another good thing is that Jackie Chan will not be in his usual comedic action heroism, instead he stepped out from his comfort zone, now been an anti-hero. Rarely we sees him in character with more drama appealing.

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    Is not a movie by any other form, but this is a concert movie for the King of Pop. His tragic death June 2009 has sparkled many controversies and hype-news surrounding it. It anyhow remained mystery till today. However, if you are a fan of Michael Jackson, this movie will do some good for you. Since his anticipated This Is It tour has now been cancelled, the substitute is a movie collecting the footages of his rehersal for the tour. Morally, we are making money from a dead people. But from a film presentation aspect, the movie (concert movie) skews greatly from the entertainment value and cinematographic. Long live the king!!

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    Brad Pitt's second is here. This 2008 flick has a very unique timeline theme - growing backward. An Oscar-worth performance by the movie itself and I was not surprise that it lost the Best Picture award to its nemesis from India. Considering the pace could have been ran better, the obnoxiously lovable tale of Benjamin Button is simply inspiring as ever and David Fincher did it sky high. Two thumbs up and deserved a place on the Top Ten definitely.

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    This movie has been leading the scoreboard for the summer for as much as it is a reboot to the much geek movie ever. Sci-fi fans as well as the franchise fans, and not forgotting the critics all love it. Certainly JJ Abrams did find some magic in making it such an enjoyable ride to watch. Combining the factors of having Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Capt. T Kirk and Spock is enough to inspire this flick. Star Trek fans, REJOICE!!!

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    Pixar has never failed to impress...Last year's Wall-E got into number 2 and this year, we have an old man named Carl with a scout, a dog and a weird bird going for an adventure of a lifetime in South America. I have to admit, that the middle stinct was kind off sluggish but otherwise, the film ran well. Perhaps, too strict and intense competitions, it did not goes up further up. Number 5 is good enough to keep Pixar on its run for having Top Ten entry every year. Another BEST ANIMATION award for Up!!

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    This movie is divided. Some says it glorious, while other panned it. Undeniably, this sleeper hit is worth some attention. Katherine Bigelow has some fine moments and not on her career list but this one saw her return to form. A tricky plot genre to describe her but the movie basically tells an account of a US soldiers serving in Iraq and their job is as simple to dismantle remote-controlled bomb. If you don't pay attention, you will get lost in the movie. It is still questionable if this flick can so some surprise coming this Oscar season! Otherwise, The Hurt Locker is awesome!!

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    Last year's Oscar big winner but we are only able to watch it earlier of the year. Slumdog Millionaire is compelling story of a chawalr (not sure how to spell), based on an award-winning novel, who comes over all the odds in winning a lump of money. Who Wants To BE A Millionaire - even this game show can become a BEST PICTURE and who can doubt what Danny Boyle can make after this? The film has its gory and has its heart-warming journey tat define the borders in a country as big as India. Touchable!! Glorious!!

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    The most surprising movie of the year. Produced by Peter Jackson, this is one example of never underestimating small-scale sci-fi production. The director is unknown but now is big. Neill Blomkamp assembles the most uniquely formed structured movie that shows the other side of the human-alien relationship. Alien is less superior and ultimately been suppressed by human race. The movie creates some controversials over its plot using what many believes as a resemblance of dark era of Apatheid in South Africa. Neill explained that we shall not watched it from that point of view but rather it is an awesome movie that make this a sure hit and placed number two for the year. Kudos!!

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    The King of the World has did it again. Not soon since we watched his last movie that went on to dominate Oscar trophies back in 1997, James Cameron has back and this time, he brings forward a highly imaginative sci-fi flicks that again, similar to District 9 in sharing the plot of alien inferiority in human-alien relationship. Avatar is crafted in such supremacy and very well. The cinematography and effects are awesome. James Cameron has just changed his title to King of the Universe. Avatar could be the biggest challenger for the Best Picture award and no doubt, almost every one loves it. Expect some sequels to come too!!

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    There goes the full list of Top 30 for 2009's BEST REVIEWED MOVIE IN GREEN TEA MOVIE. It was a countdown with lots of controversies and surprises. 2010 will be another exciting year and probably we will begin the year with a review on Paranormal Activity. STAY TUNED
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