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    January 14, 2010


    It's been 14 years since Tom Hanks last directing a movie. Ever not, Tom Hanks is the familiar face in front of the camera, but doing it behind is not something we know most about him. Although we can see him once in awhile producing some movies, this time, Tom Hanks will be doing his directing job again.

    The last time was
    That Thing You Do!, a musical wonder written, directed and starred by Hanks himself. Now we will have Larry Crowne, a new comedy in which he will star along side Julia Roberts.

    This will be the another reunion for them since their first time on-screen back in 2007's
    Charlie Wilson's War. Larry Crowne will start shooting this April in LA. As far as I understand, this is another movie written by Hanks and it is very possible that the movie will talks about the title character.

    SOURCE: Slash Film and Empire Online
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