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    February 20, 2010


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    I am pretty excited that Dwayne Johnson will return to a more action-oriented flick. I think he had enough of family film now and he is back to blast you. Faster, a new film directed by George Tillman Jr is currently on shooting now.

    However, few days ago, the production seems shaky following departure of Salma Hayek due to scheduling conflicts, mere days before shooting was set to begin. Now we have the replacement in the form of Carla Gugino.

    Carla Gugino and Dwayne Johnson were star together in the alien family-pic Race To The Witch Mountain last year. Johnson plays a former inmates on a mission to avenge for the death of his brothers which was linked to several peoples he is out to kill. Billy Bob Thornton in yet another typical role of a police officer hot on his heel. Gugino was indicated to play a detective after the ex-con with a need to connect his killings with an old case.

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