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    February 23, 2010


    The TravelerImage by sweet mustache via Flickr

    20th Century Fox has bought up the rights for John Twelve Hawk's book series, collectively known as Fourth Realm Trilogy. The news came after the studio successfully rolled Avatar in and now decided to take another sci-fi franchise. Watchmen co-writer Alex Tse is set to adapt them.

    The first of the series, The Traveller (2006) tells life in a dystopian, Big Brother-alike America where a secret organisation is aiming to control the populace via invasive, ever—present observation. Naturally there are those rebelling against the new world order, including a near-extinct group of people known as Travellers, who can project their spirits into other dimensions and their protectors, called Harlequins.

    The author himself, like JD Salinger, is very much a reclusive who prefers to stay away from contact with the public and largely preferring to deal with others using his agents and publishers. With The Traveler been the first that follows with The Dark River and The Golden City, we hope Alex Tse can pull out something from this.

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