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    February 27, 2010


    This week the news from DC and Warners keep pouring in. Here is a piece of bi-rumors for you. Well, before you proceed to read on, I warn you once again, these are rumors only.

    First, DC long awaited The Flash may have found itself a director. Greg Berlanti has been attached for developing the movie. Previously, Greg has been working on the script for The Green Lantern and that had impressed Warner Bros to cemented him for the director seat. This piece of note is still a "maybe" status.

    Another crazy rumors? Prepare to hear this. Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan Nolan has been tapped to direct The Man Of Steel, which technically implies for Superman. Earlier this week, David Goyer was attached to write Christopher Nolan-produced Superman film but those are still rumors and rumors

    Jonathan Nolan wrote the original story for Memento, for which he was nominated for an Academy Awards. He was the credited screenwriter on The Prestige as well as The Dark Knight. He did uncredited touch up work on Terminator Salvation, and has been working with Steven Spielberg on a sci-fi project titled Intersteller. - Slash Film

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Slash Film

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