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    February 9, 2010


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    Good question. With many comic adaptations are returning to its core for good, Daredevil may also follow the suit of Hulk, Punisher, The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man in going back to the origin for another reboot for their respective premises. The rumour about Daredevil development by Fox has started back in September. Although the whole Marvel universe is now under Disney, the project retains itself at the original studio and the best thing now Fox can ever imagined for the fearless crusader is by having a scriptwriter - David Scarpa, reported by Deadline Hollywood.

    Looking back at the credit works by Scarpa is none the less questionable. He wrote a so-so 2001 DreamWorks drama The Last Castle and last seen with Keanu Reeve's The Day The Earth Stood Still. However, he still have a chance to prove otherwise by picking up one good resource and convert it into a good screenplay.

    Fox is eager to make a new film about Daredevil, a reason as simple as that any Hollywood studios with Marvel superheroes need to keep reinventing these Marvel movie franchises or the rights revert back to Disney-based Marvel. So, will this be Daredevil 2.0 or what?

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